Special: Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records

Aktuell eine kleine Übersicht an Veröffentlichungen, mit der uns Kozmik Artifactz und Bilocation Records die letzten Monate so verwöhnt haben (behind the cover artwork you will find the link to the shop): 


GRUSOM from denmark: Rock like THE DOORS or GRAVEYARD with cool organ sounds. If you are in 60´s/70´s sound this is a MUST for you. Picked out „Evil“ as my favourite track!! Hurry up to get one of the very limited vinyl editions. Facebook


CHILD from Australia: awesome psychedelic Rock/Blues with some doom influence. Killer EP with fantastic cover-artwork. One of my faves in the last years. Please check out the opener „Trees“ – so unbelievable. Facebook

Bison Machine

BISON MACHINE from USA: Fantastic mix of Blues, Hardrock, Stoner and Vintage in a muddy swamp sound. Try the lovely relaxed blues track „Gamekeeprs Thumb“. Facebook

Hair of the dog

HAIR OF THE DOG from Scotand: fantastic classic rock like DEEP PURPLE or LED ZEPPELIN. If you are in the old classic rock stuff you have to check out this guys from Edinburgh. Facebook

La Chinga

LA CHINGA from CANADA: Awesome album for rockers. Killer riffs, bombastic drums, fat bass lines – what a killing rock trio with influences from all their heroes like JIMI HENDRIX, LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and many many more….A MUST !! Facebook

Valley Of The Sun

VALLEY OF THE SUN from USA: WOW! heavy stoner/psychedelic/noisy stuff from Ohio with killer guitar riffs and an awesome bombastic sound – take you headphones and let you blow away!! Facebook


FUZZ MANTA from Denmark: another great band from denmark. This Female fronted foursome are into 70´s classic rock with great organ sound and some hot rockin psychedelic boogie riffs. Very cool stuff from copenhagen and if you love DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN or all the the other great tunes from the seventies you have to check out this very underrated band. Facebook

Mondo Drage

MONDO DRAG from USA: heavy psychedelic rock sound from oakland. some fuzzy sounds with prog influences and sometimes a little bit confused rhythms – very very interesting stuff !!! Chck out the fantastic „The Dawn“ and you know what i mean !!! Facebook

Abe Diddy

ABE DIDDY & THE KRAUTBOYS from the Netherlands: blues groovy hardrock like the fantastic KAMCHATKA. If you like great retro-rock with catchy melodies and many many drive you have to check out this trio!!! Facebook




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