Special: Kozmik-Artifactz / Bilocation

So, es ist wieder soweit und es wird vor allem auch Zeit, denn es gibt wieder jede Menge großartiger Veröffentlichungen von Kozmik-Artifactz / Bilocation die es abzufeiern gilt (like before you will find the link to the shop behind the cover-artwork). 


HAIR OF THE DOG from Scotland: what a killer album and on vinyl out now!! If you like Classic rock in the vein of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix or Deep Purple you will love this awesome band. Check out great tracks like ‚Don´t Know My Name‘ (straight rocker) or the bluesy ‚Weary Bones‘. Facebook 



WIGHT from germany: third album from the groovy psychedelic rock band with some jazz influences. please check out the so cool opener ‚Hellicopter Mama‘. Great stuff for people who like some instrumental guitar/psych stuff too. Facebook 


HEAVY GLOW from USA (Texas): sensational bluesy 70´s stuff with fuzzy moments fantastic melodies great vocals and a psychedelic note. listen to the cool and easy ‚Fat Cat‘ – killer. All classic rock fans should check out this band too – one of the best albums in 2016. Facebook 


DEEP WINTER from Russia: Another highlight of the comes from the russian-duo DEEP WINTER. Heavy rockin bluesy stuff with some psychedelic notes and wonderful melodies. This duo sometimes reminds me me of the Black Keys. I love songs like ‚Little Baby‘ or the cool ‚I´m Here, Right Now‘ (so easy relaxt – wonderful). This duo from russia knows what we need – a MUST for every Rock/Classic Rock/Blues/Heavy-Freak. Facebook 


CLAN from the UK: This great rock-trio is a mix of Rock/Blues with some fuzzy guitars and many many fat bass groves (greetings to Geezer Butler). This band could be very very big in their upcoming years i think. Check out the limited vinyl. Facebook 


BUZZARD from USA: WOW! That´s are killer stoner riffs with a fat sound. Guitars a bit like sludge and if you like the old Monster Magnet you will love tis band from the states. The opner is a uptempo stoner killer with psychedelic vocals – cool. One of my faves is the doom/blues-tune ‚Kingdom‘ – heavy slow stuff and the following ‚Sea Witch‘ (blues/doom too) and the last one ‚I Live Forever‘ (psych/ddom/blues). Another MUST for this year. Facebook


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