Special: Kosmik Artifactz / Bilocation

So, it´s time for a special about the great Label Bilocation / Kozmik Artifactz from germany because there are so many great releases so far this year. Please check out the link to the shop behind the cover artwork. 

HAZEMAZE from Sweden: if you like fuzzy, bluesy and doomy 70´s stuff you have to check out this great band from stockholm. Please listen to the fantasatic old drum sound and specially the wonderful atmospheric track ‚Black Mamba Part II‘ – killer stuff !!! Facebook 


THE AGE OF TRUTH from USA: heavy groovy stuff from philadelphia. Great bluesy stoner tracks with some doom influences. Cool voice, bombastic sound. Check out the easy ‚Caroline‘ or the spacy ‚Oceanbounds‘. Facebook 


DEATHBELL from Ireland/France: If you are into doom with great female voices please check out this great band. Heavy slow guitars with some fuzzy sounds and great droning riffs. I love this very very slow heavy stuff. Facebook


THE IVORY ELEPHANT: very very cool bluesy stuff from Melbourne. Psychedelic sounds with some spaced vocals and darky bluesy riffs. If you are into jam bands you have to check out this fantastic band. Check out the wonderful easy ‚Like A Dog“ this track alone is a reason to buy this album. Facebook 


GRUSOM from Denmark: If you love the album before you have pick up their new album too. This danish band is so underrated but so fantastic. They combined heavy with easy blues stuff some classic rock with a great hammond and cool 70´s sounds. And everything sounds so smoothy – wonderful. Listen to the awesome Opener ‚Don´t Be Afraid‘ and you didn´t need listen to the rest to buy the album. Facebook 



FRIENDSHIP from Norway: Oh my god – i love this awesome band. The band from Oslo plays heavy rock with classic sounds and 70´s influences. Awesome are the folk parts like in the lovely track ‚Moments‘ or the classic soul influences in ‚Harmony Turns To Sound‘. Blues Fans have to listen to the ending track ‚Truth In You Lies‘. What an killer album from a very underrated band. Facebook 


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